Chris + Rebecca + Audrey, Newborn Session, Scottsdale, Arizona


Hey guys!

Meet Rebecca, Chris + Aubrey.

Rebecca was my first, true Arizona friend. We met at my first post-college job, and I was instantly drawn to her.  She's super smart, incredibly gregarious, and hi-LAR-ious!! Plus she's got one hellava set of pipes - girl can SING! We've spent many a time cranking up the car radio and wailing to Madonna tunes while we worked together "in the field". Our friendship was forged and cemented over shared meals of convenience store hot dogs (okay, me more than her) and after-work Happy Hour drink specials.

Rebecca and I both left that first job, but have luckily remained friends. We have shared countless bottles of wine, evenings of karaoke, and side-splitting laughs. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to witness each other fall in love with our husbands, get married, buy our first homes, and (in the Rebecca and Chris' case) have babies. After knowing them for so many years, I was excited to document them as a new family. 

As parents, Rebecca and Chris are naturals.  They have really embraced their new roles as Mom and Dad.It was beautiful to watch them cuddle and snuggle with Audrey. I visited on a week day, so Chris only had a few minutes for photos before he had to leave for work. but I was able to capture some beautiful family portraits, and a couple of adorable father-daughter shots:


After Chris left for work, I got down to photographing baby Audrey, and she did not disappoint! She has the most mesmerizing eyes - 100% blue steel :) And she was so full of expression! At one point, her pacifier fell out of her mouth, and she let us know that she wasn't too happy about it. 



Uh, oh! Audrey lost her pacifier...


...and tears ensued :(


Pacifier in mouth = one content babe :)


New Mama love.


One of my last photos of Audrey before I left. Apparently, photoshoots are hard work!


Chris and Rebecca, I loved photographing your new family unit, and I look forward to years of many more family photo sessions!


Piper + Quinn, Twin Newborn Session, Chandler, Phoenix, Arizona


I love my newborn clients.  While most new parents want the hyper-stylized, Anne Geddes-esque newborn photos that are all the rage right now (which, I have to admit, are really, really cute!), my clients prefer a more lifestyle photography approach. It’s certainly not a style for everyone, but my clients recognize that these photos can capture what a lot of studio photos often miss – their expressive, burgeoning personalities. If you are lucky enough, you may even get an amazing photo of your baby channeling her inner Gene Simmons :)




Meet Cora and Maverick

This past December my friend Teresa, who was pregnant at the time, asked if I would photograph her newborns when they arrived. This was a big deal for me, because not only was it was going to be my first newborn session, it was for twins--Teresa and her husband Vic were expecting a baby boy AND girl! I was, of course, super excited to do the shoot, but also very, very nervous, because I DID NOT want to f*  it up.

Nowadays it seems that parents prefer newborn portraits in the style of Anne Geddes (if you aren't familiar with Anne Geddes then I encourage you to check her out here -- she's an absolute genius when it comes to baby photography). This style of studio photography involves a lot of props and lighting, and then wrangling of babies so they fit in various baskets/buckets/boxes. While I absolutely love this kind of portrait work, I personally lean towards a more documentary style of photography.  I explained to Teresa and Vic that I wanted to approach their session as I do during a Day-In-The-Life session.  I wanted to capture them taking care of the babies as they do on a daily basis: feeding them, rocking them, putting them to sleep, etc. Luckily Teresa and Vic were really happy with this approach, so that put my mind at ease, and all I had to do was wait for the twins to be born. 

On the day of the shoot, I expected to arrive to a chaotic household. Teresa and Vic are, after all, first-time parents, to not just one baby, but twins. I know they were very busy with round-the-clock feedings, diaper changes, baths, etc. However, when Teresa opened the door for me, two things struck me: how amazing Teresa looked after just giving birth to twins (!!), and how quiet the house was. It was so calm and peaceful. The general atmosphere set the tone for the the shoot. Over the next couple of hours, I quietly documented this little family as they settled into their new roles of mom and dad, and daughter and son.

Cora and Maverick showed up a little earlier than planned, so my newborn session was actually more of a preemie session. I'm going back to photograph the twins as newborns after they've had some time to grow. I hope you check in with me in a couple of weeks to see how they are doing!