Michelle + Kris + Mikaela + Ashley, Mini Documentary Session


Ugh, guys I'm sooo behind with work! This is a session that I photographed LAST SUMMER.  I thought about letting it go, and not posting it, but the photos are just too cute to NOT share.

Last summer my old high school friend Sandi reached out and asked me to photograph a family near and dear to her heart.  Sandi and Michelle have a long history. They were college roomies, and have stayed close over the years, supporting each other through husbands, marriages, and kids. When Sandi contacted me to do a shoot, Michelle's family was undergoing some difficult times. Michelle's husband Kris was in need of a new kidney, on dialysis, and searching for a kidney donor. Sandi thought this was a good time for the family to get photos taken, and I agreed. Documentary photos have a way of depicting your life from the outside in. In times of duress, they make you notice and appreciate the little things that make life a fulfilling, incredible journey.

Prior to scheduling the shoot, Michelle and I discussed different activities and family rituals that that she wanted me to document. I was photographing a Mini Documentary Session, so she decided to have me come over to photograph the family through bedtime. My Mini Sessions are 4 hours long, but I felt like the time just flew by. Mikaela and Ashley are both spunky, fun, and energetic little girls, and they were a blast to photograph! They kept me busy nonstop as they swam in their pool, practiced guitar, played on their jungle gym, and read bedtime stories.  Check out how much fun they are in the photos below!