Crawford Day In The Life, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona


I've been photographing a lot of fun and active families lately - my most recent Day In The Life sessions have involved an outing at the Renaissance Faire, and documenting a skateboarding, bike-riding, soccer-playing, shot-putting family of six.  While these sessions are a BLAST to photograph, some of my most favorite sessions are the quieter ones that involve little else than hanging out at home.

At first glance, my session with the Crawford family seemed a typical weekday of walks around the neighborhood, nap time, and playing with toys. However, these every day events are filled with moments that Rachel and Stuart will remember most about their children - the way Colton hugs and kisses Stu before he goes to work, the way Rachel places a comforting hand on Colton as he falls asleep, and the way Ava is always ready to flash her adorable little smile at everyone. These seemingly small moments are so important, because they are really what makes up the fabric of their life, and some of the fondest memories of their babies. 

Stuart and Rachel, thank you so much for allowing me to hang out with your family. Your session was one of the sweetest sessions that I have photographed in a long time, and it was such a joy to document your life.

Please click on the video below to watch their session!