Curtis Family Day In The Life Session, San Tan Valley, Phoenix, Arizona


My husband and I don't have any children. For a long time, I didn't want to have any, for all the typical reasons - I wanted to start a new career, I wanted to travel, I didn't think we could afford them, etc - but the main reason was I just didn't feel ready to start a family. Recently, however, my biological clock has started ticking, and now we are wondering what it would be like to have little muchachos of our own. The idea of raising kids still freaks me out, though.  The responsibility of raising children to be good, kind, responsible adults, that are also productive members of society, seems daunting. How do love them without spoiling them? Do you tell them to follow their dreams, even if you think their dreams kind of suck? As far as I can tell, these seemingly important questions don't have "right" answers.  If it's one thing I've learned from photographing Day In The Life sessions, it's that child-rearing is no JOKE. However, if you are successful, then it will be the most important, happy, and rewarding experience of your life.  And, from what I observed during their session, the Curtis family seem to be doing it RIGHT.

Amanda and Ryan have four, beautiful adopted children.  Ranging from ages 14 to less than a year old, each of their kids have incredibly different personalities, wants, and needs. Their oldest daughter is a typical teenager who wants her own phone and to always hang out with her friends.  Their youngest daughter is still in diapers and has to be put down for scheduled nap time. However, Amanda and Ryan seem to have managed to balance the formula for doling out equal amounts of love and discipline. They know how to laugh, play, and say "No!" to each of their kids.  And if it's one thing I learned from them, it's to PLAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN!  Ride bikes, skate board, dance around the kitchen, swing on swings, hug, tickle, and laugh with them. During their session, I realized that the Curtis children really valued all of the family time they spent together during their session, and kept saying that they had the best time that day.  They they will probably look back on the day as one of the most fun experiences of their childhood :)

Amanda and Ryan, thank you so much for allowing me to come into your home and photograph your family for the day.  I am in complete awe of the both of you as parents, and I hope that my husband and I will be able to raise children half as well as you are raising your own brood :)

Please click on the link below to see photos from their Day In The Life session!