Flores Day In The Life Session, Alhambra, Los Angeles, California


Last Spring, I shot a Day In The Life session of a family very dear to my heart. Emily is my oldest friend - she and I have known each other since we were 12 years old. We don't spend much time together nowadays, but, through Facebook, we've managed to keep up with each others lives. As great as it is, Facebook time just doesn't replace Face-to-Face time with loved ones, so I was thrilled when I got to do a session of Em's little family. It was wonderful to catch up with her, and finally meet her sweet, amazing husband Adam, and her fun, cute-as-can-be son, Chico.

Since their session, Emily and Adam have been blessed with a second son, Ozzy. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to meet him yet, but hopefully Em and Adam will let me do an updated Day In The Life session sometime so I can get photos of the entire family :) He does, however, make an appearance in photos their session :)

Em and Adam, thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your Day In The Life session! I love you all to bits!



Techie Note:  The video below is in Standard Def (SD). Click on the following link if you prefer High Def (HD):