Jeff + Meghan, Engagement Session, Phoenix, AZ


Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  I’m sooo stoked about 2016.  I started my photography business last year, and I’m so excited to seen how it’s going to grow and develop in 2016!  One of my business New Year’s resolutions is to blog more, because, let’s face it, this once every three months schedule that I’m currently doing is just NO BUENO. Being too busy to NOT post regularly is just not a good excuse. So, starting this week, I’m going to start blogging once a week.  THERE YOU GO -- I’ve just announced on the Internet, so it’s official, and now I have to keep to my promise.

(In case you were wondering, my other New Year's Resolutions are to:

--Learn how to parallel park LIKE A BOSS.
--Learn the lyrics to one rap song, so I can karaoke it LIKE A BOSS.)

I have been busy these past few months shooting a bunch of great sessions, which I’m so excited to show you! This particular one is one my all-time faves. Jeff and Meghan originally hail from Iowa, and moved to Phoenix a year or two ago. They are going to get married in Iowa later this year, but they wanted engagement photos that reflected the new desert environment that they have migrated to.  

I pretty much love all of my clients, but I especially enjoyed hanging out with Jeff and Meghan.  They are my version of DREAM clients – they were so friendly and funny, and very chill – they had no problem carpooling with me (a stranger!) all the way out to Apache Junction (30 minutes!) in unexpected traffic (make that 45 minutes!) for their session. I know they were nervous about doing the shoot, but they didn’t need to be, because they were so easy to photograph. They needed very little instruction. I would just say “stand over there and talk to each other, maybe hug and kiss” and all I had to do was stand back and watch their magic unfold. They are so adorable together- they enjoy making each other laugh, and have no problem with showing their love for each other. I could tell that they truly enjoy each other’s company :) I ended up with some beautiful shots from their session, many of which I posted below.

Jeff and Meghan, congratulations on your engagement.  Let’s grab that drink together soon so we can hang out some more!