Kienle Day In The Life

Last month I did a "Day In The Life Session" with the wonderful Kienle family. For those of you who aren't familiar with "Day In The Life" sessions, I follow a family for a day and document their daily routine: waking up, eating meals, playing with toys, etc.  Childhood is fleeting, and my goal during these sessions is to photograph and memorialize this precious time of life before it's gone. 

The Kienle family whole-heartedly embraced the concept behind Day In The Life sessions, and allowed me complete access to their entire day. As a result, I captured the most beautiful images of their daughter Olivia cuddling with mom Kelly and dad Alex in the wee hours of the morning, of baby Vivian practicing tummy time with Kelly, of shopping for toys, sneaking treats to the family dog, giggles at bath time, and sweet bedtime kisses.

I put together a video with some of my favorite images.  I hope, after you watch the video, that you will see that even though you may feel that your day to day life is boring, in reality it's actually filled with really beautiful moments.